New Path Psychiatry


Mental Health Counseling

Clinic Policies

Policies regarding Cancellations, Phone & Email Communications, Completion of Forms & Letters, Release of Records and Payment.


Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance, not including weekends. (A 9 am Monday appointment must be cancelled by Thursday 9 am). Except in emergencies, there will be a fee for any appointments missed, or cancelled without 48 hours notice.  For follow up appointments, the fee is $75 for the first and second, and $125 for the third.  The fee for a missed intake appointment is $75.  Please note that insurance companies will not reimburse for missed appointment fees and you will be responsible for payment. Late cancellation fees must be paid prior to making a new appointment. More than three missed appointments in a year may result in a referral to an alternate prescriber.

Phone & Email Communications

Phone and electronic messaging cannot replace face-to-face interaction. In certain situations, they can be useful for quick questions. Take note that there are security risks inherent to email communication. Please limit email for general questions or about scheduling, etc. Questions about your symptoms or treatments should be sent through the patient portal. Messages sent through the portal are secure, and become a part of your medical record. Please notify the office if you have any difficulties with accessing the portal.

Phone and email communications requiring more than 15 minutes will incur a $25 charge that is generally not reimbursed by insurance companies.

Completion of Forms & Letters

​When possible, forms and other requested documentation will be completed after a full evaluation. In the event that this must be done, due to scheduling or extensive documentation requirements, a fee will be charged.  Please allow at least one week for forms completion. 

Release of Records

Federal privacy laws allows communication to other members of your treatment team. This is carried out in a secure manner and might be necessary for collaboration. We can discuss any concerns about this at your appointment, but in the vast majority of situations, open lines of communication between healthcare providers improves patient outcomes.

Records released directly to you will be subjected to billing guidelines and will require a Release of Information (ROI) to be signed. 

Please contact the office for more information.


If using your insurance, it is extremely important that you contact your insurance company and confirm that your mental health benefits are covered through New Path Psychiatry and whether or not you need a referral or special authorization to be evaluated.  I highly recommend that you keep a record of the time you called, who you spoke to, and request a reference number for the call, in the event that you are given inaccurate information.

Our staff will make efforts to help you understand your coverage, but you will be responsible for any balances related to issues with insurance eligibility.